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Anchor bolt assembly

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Product processing technology features:

(1) The characteristics of our company's anchor bolt production process: the anchor bolt is heat treated and then rolled; after the whole anchor bolt is heat treated and tested, the anchor bolt is stripped as a whole, and the grind is crushed to the specified medium diameter size. The cutting process can remove the oxide scale and decarburization layer generated during the heat treatment; and then the thread is processed into a thread.

(2) The anchor bolt raw material is 42CrMoA and other materials. It is purchased from domestic large-scale steel mills. The raw materials are 100% ultrasonic flaw detection before leaving the factory. According to GB/T 4162 standard, Class A is qualified. The performance of anchor bolts meets the requirements of the technical specifications of the bidding documents.

(3) The middle rod of the anchor bolt is not machined to ensure one-time forming and the thread precision is better.

Anchor bolt processing process:

Purchase raw materials according to plan (designated steel mill materials and grades) → Raw material re-inspection → rough straightening → heat treatment (medium frequency induction heat treatment) → inspection (performance test) → peeling and fine alignment (100% ultrasonic flaw detection, fluorescent magnetic particle inspection, etc.) →Unloading→Machining (Chamfering)→Coded→Rolling Thread→Inspection (Threading Precision Gauge, Medium Diameter Micrometer, etc.)→ Anchor Bolt Tension Detection→ Anchor Bolt Anticorrosion Treatment (Dakro, coated according to customer requirements) Grease + heat shrinkable tube, etc.) → inspection → packaging → storage.

Anchor bolt detailed process:

(1) Re-inspection of raw materials: Execute according to the requirements of the signed technical documents.

(2) Rough straightening: In order to ensure uniform temperature and cooling during quenching and tempering, the hardness of each part of the long bar is uniform, the mechanical properties are uniform, and the deformation is small. Before heat treatment and quenching and tempering, straightening must be carried out to ensure straightness. The special straightening machine is straight.

(3) Heat treatment: the quenching and tempering process, that is, quenching and high temperature tempering, is adopted to meet the mechanical properties of the 8.8 and 10.9 anchor bolts (according to the requirements of the bidding technical documents).

(4) Performance testing: according to technical specifications.

(5) Peeling: Surface peeling, surface defects, scales, etc. are removed.

(6) Grinding and grinding medium diameter: finishing and milling to the middle diameter, to ensure straightness, surface roughness and other requirements in line with the drawings.

(7) Ultrasonic + eddy current testing: 100% ultrasonic flaw detection, in line with Class A standards, 100% vortex sorting to ensure no mixing.

(8) Magnetic particle inspection: 100% magnetic particle inspection, according to the requirements of the technical documents for bidding, to prevent products with surface cracks or surface defects from flowing into the next process.

(9) Unloading: cutting with a sawing machine to remove excess parts at both ends.

(10) Chamfering: The special chamfering equipment is used, and the two ends are chamfered according to the drawings.

(11) Playing code: Each anchor bolt is coded and marked with a coding machine according to the drawings to determine the traceability of the product.

(12) Thread rolling: the yarn is made by the thread rolling machine, and the thread of the anchor bolt is detected by the thread micrometer and the through stop gauge to ensure the thread size and precision meet the technical requirements.

(13) Anchor bolt tension detection: According to the requirements of the bidding technical documents.

(14) Anti-corrosion treatment of anchor bolts: Anti-corrosion treatment of anchor bolts according to the requirements of technical documents for bidding.

(15) Packing: Check the products before packing, and design special tooling suitable for the transportation of anchor bolts of specific length to prevent the products from being damaged during bending.

Anchor plate processing process:

According to the plan to buy steel plate (Q345E) → raw material re-inspection → blanking (CNC programming, flame cutting) → leveling → inspection → opening groove → cleaning and polishing → anchor plate group for tailor welding → inspection (100% ultrasonic flaw detection) → cleaning Grinding → Appearance inspection → Leveling → Detection flatness → Machining → Inspection → CNC drilling → Inspection → Sand blasting → Anti-corro

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